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2018-2019 Bible School

28th Dec - 3rd Jan | Lake Taupo Christian Camp

Bro John Owen
Mumbles Ecclesia UK

Bro David Pearce
Northampton Ecclesia UK
The land flowing with milk and honey


About the school:
The Lake Taupo school is located 30 minutes south of Taupo. There are many attractions to offer Brothers, Sisters and young people, as well as being an excellent place where we can share a week together around God's word and surrounded by his marvellous creation in a bush setting.

The aim of the Bible School is to give attention to the study of God's word, and to engage in an encouraging atmosphere centred on God's word. As such everything else is secondary to this purpose.

This Years Speakers:
  - Bro John Owen - James
  - Bro David Pearce - The land flowing with milk and honey

Various Evening Sessions:
  - John Owen - Ecclesiastes
  - David Pearce - Mission work in Eastern Europe
  - Additional session - TBA

Teen Sessions - Geoff & Deb Richards:
  - Bro John Owen - James
  - David Pearce - Creation vs Evolution

Sunday School - Dave & Pip Dangerfield:
  - Topic TBA

  -   Bible study Sessions for adults and teens
  -   Junior school for those under 13
  -   Recreational time
  -   Teen activities
  -   Various afternoon sessions
  -   Choir practices
  -   Bible study for all
  -   Special activities for children
  -   Song and Praise evening
  -   Variety session

Fees: (TBC prior to registration)
13-Adult: $395.00
5-12: $375.00
3-4 year olds: $355.00
0-2 year olds: $50.00
Maximum Family Fee: $1350.00
(Family fee applies to children under 13 years of age)

Dress Code:
All those attending the Bible School are expected to dress neatly and conservatively, in a manner that reflects the spirit and intent of the Bible School.

Practically speaking, men should wear long trousers to the Memorial Meeting. Shorts are permitted to study sessions. Woman should not wear slacks or trousers when attending study sessions and the variety afternoon please. Sisters, wear a head covering for the Memorial Meeting. Modest swimwear is permitted in and around the pool. Suitable covering to and from the pool is expected. Modest sportswear should be worn during recreation time.

Lake Taupo Christian Camp, Rawhira Road, Turangi


Registration for the 2018-2019 school is now open!


The Bible School has many costs, any amount even small is greatly received.

The Bible School has created a separate "Donations Account" into which we welcome donations which will be used for;

  1. Subsidising Bible School fees each year: especially the substantial cost to families to make it affordable to attend Bible School.
  2. Each year the amount of the subsidy would be based on the amount in the fund.
  3. To cover additional Bible School costs not included in the fees.

We are a registered charity and can supply a tax receipt for donations, please contact us about your deposit.


We greatly appreciate bequeaths. For more information please contact David Luxmoore by phone or email

(09)   8176678
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We keep an archive of recent recordings that can be downloaded below.

Older recordings will also be published as they become avaliable.


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please contact David Luxmoore the Bible School convenor using email:

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Alternately you can send a message online: